Combione Pack 910 Kraft

  • Combione Pack 910 Kraft

    Combione Pack 910 Kraft

    $125.95 INC GST

    • SKU COMB-910-KR
    • Quantity Per Pack 200
    • Dimensions 160/140 x 127/107 x 52mm 910ml

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    • Optimum product protection for pasta and rice dishes, salad, sushi and fruit.
    • Suitable for automatic production and efficient labelling.
    • Secure closing and re-closing system (with/without label).
    • Special lid (rPET) fused to base with anti-fog function.
    • Recyclable packaging

      The ‘Combione® packaging (910 ml, brown kraft)’ combines two high-quality materials in a one-part packaging concept. The coated paperboard base is fused to the recycled anti-fog plastic lid.

      The construction of this packaging enables efficient labelling. The lid itself closes securely whether or not an additional label is used.

      In addition, the functionality of this packaging is particularly advantageous if used on automatic production lines. The packaging is delivered nested with the sides already made, thus speeding up the filling and packaging process.

      The packages can be stacked and transported easily and safely. The products offered are optimally protected and attractively presented.

      This packaging is aimed at: Foodservice, catering companies, retailers, food manufacturing supply chain;


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