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Queensland's Plastic Shopping Bag Ban

It is estimated that close to one billion single use lightweight supermarket style plastic shopping bags are used in Queensland each year. Queensland’s Department of Environment and Heritage Protection advise that while most of these end up in landfill, around 16 million enter the environment in Queensland each year. The lightweight plastic bags often end up in waterways endangering marine life when they become tangled up in a bag, or worse still, ingest it. In addition, the bags are an eyesore when littering parks and neighbourhoods.

To help stop this problem, the Queensland Government is enforcing a state-wide ban on single use plastic bags from 1 July 2018. Under the ban, retailers will no longer be able to provide or sell customers single-use lightweight plastic shopping bags, including biodegradable bags, which are under 35 microns.

What can shoppers do?

  • Take your reusable shopping bags when shopping instead of using the supermarket style single use plastic bag.
  • Keep a reusable shopping bag in your car or bag, so you are always prepared.

What can retailers do?

Visit the Queensland Bag Ban website. They have information about how to manage the ban, details about upcoming workshops throughout Queensland, and resources retailers can download or print, such as staff training kits and signage, to assist with the change.

Give yourself and your customers plenty of notice and get talking about it. Think up some incentives, but we can all agree, that saving our planet is an incentive in itself.

The National Retail Association can assist with questions you may have and can be contacted at or 1800 RETAIL (1800 738 245).*

A solution that we propose...




Give your customers the option of choosing biodegradable multi use/ re-usable bags. We are super excited to be involved with Landtopia.

Non woven polypropylene bags are made from recycled plastic. These plastic fibres are bonded together creating a flat sheet. With the inclusion of an organic additive, each bag, when activated in a microbe rich environment, becomes edible for microbes. By eating the treated material, it breaks down and decomposes.

This process will only activate in an appropriate environment. The bag remains strong and intact until such time.

Independent testing in Australia shows accelerated rates of biodegradation in treated plastic. This testing shows 33.9% gone in 3 years and we'll keep testing until a 100% is gone.


Talk to us today and prepare! See Landtopia range now!

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Feedback from our shoppers

    • Sarah Pinker
    • 15-Mar-2018 08:30 PM

    I found these bags to be very strong. Now we just have to clean up the ocean. There's a lot more work to be done.

    • Megan Bennett
    • 26-Jun-2018 10:14 AM

    It's great to see the top end of town finally taking some action on plastic bags. For way too long we've seen the damaging effects on our animals and land. Reusable shopping bags are the way to go and once you get yourself sorted in using them you'll see how useless the thin bags really are. No more breakages from heavy items, bags like these go the distance.

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