Cake Boxes

Cake boxes are a great packaging solution for cakes, pies, muffins and cupcakes, they are the perfect bakery box. We offer a variety of cake box options. The Cake Slice boxes are the perfect options for giving guests a slice of cake to take home, great for weddings and parties. Standard cake boxes are the go-to for most cakes, they come in a variety of sizes to suit most lighter weight cakes or pavlovas. Corrugated cake cartons are used for your heavier cakes e.g. Fruit cakes and are sturdy for transport.

Our specially designed Heavy Duty Tiered cake boxes have been specifically designed for your larger cakes, multiple tiers, or taller decorations. These boxes have a fold down front to allow you to slide the cake in and have a separate lid. They are made from a corrugated board and the lids can be solid or clear depending on if you want to showcase or surprise your customer. For extra tall cakes we offer a height extender that fits neatly inside the box and still allows the use of the lid.

We have both Gold and Silver foil cake boards as well as Masonite ones to suit your cake box selection. To ensure that your cakes look professional and do not get damaged during storage/transportation, it is important to use the right size cake board and box, it is important to use commercially made cake boards and boxes. Always choose the same size box as the cake board you are using; this ensures the cake does not slide around in the box.

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