Collapsible/Magnetic Boxes

Visually appealing and structurally impressive, rigid boxes convey a sense of prestige, luxury, elegance, and quality, and are ideal for gift hampers.

Our Magnetic Collapsible Gift boxes come flat, which is perfect for storage until you need to use the boxes.  They are easy to assemble and once assembled they become a rigid box.

Looking to have your branding printed on the boxes?  We can print your logo or artwork onto the outer lid of the collapsibles boxes.  Many consumers keep and reuse rigid boxes long after the original purchase, and thus providing excellent opportunities for long-term product/brand recognition.

The Magnetic Gift boxes have a magnetic closing system that allows the box to be easily opened and closed.

Premium Magnetic Collapsible Gift boxes are some of the most commonly used and sought after boxes within the luxury packaging industry.

Magnetic Collapsible Gift boxes differ from other boxes in a few key ways; most notably, material thickness, opening/closing experience, and manufacturing methods. Typically collapsible rigid boxes are four to five times thicker than traditional folded cartons.

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