We are Hiring ... Junior Packaging Estimator

8 January 2022 

Junior Packaging Estimator 

We continue to grow and are looking for a Junior Packaging Estimator to join our Brisbane based team.  

This role is suited to someone that is keen to learn the ins and outs of packaging design and estimation. 

We take customer requirements and turn them into unique and functional packaging solutions.  We promote and strive to increase our Australian based manufacturing operations.  

The ideal candidate will have excellent computer skills, and will need to be organized, motivated, detail-oriented and driven to succeed. 

This is a full time role. 

You will learn and be responsible for:-

  • Generation of customer quotes – work out detailed costs including tooling, material, labour etc.
  • Review and evaluate costs
  • Meet with Customers to discuss their requirements
  • Ensure timely completion of quotes 
  • Build and maintain relationships with suppliers 
  • Design products with assembly in mind  
  • Negotiate material costs and services with suppliers  
  • Work with our design/print and manufacturing teams to ensure deadlines are met 
  • Be able to prioritise work and effectively communicate with customers and suppliers 

Good computer skills, Excel, Word, Illustrator or any design software would be desirable

To apply please send your CV through to tlyon@packagingplace.com.au